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     The information contained in this web site is the result of my own personal study on the subject after my personal introduction to Buddhism through the Shakyamuni Buddhist Empowerment transmitted to me by Gomchenla Karma Dorje.

    It is debatable that Buddhism is a religion.  In fact most Buddhists would prefer that Buddhism be classified as a psychology rather than a religion, because of its deep study of the functioning of the mind.  Robert Thurman, who is the first American lama and friend of the Dalai Lama calls Buddhism an education system.  However Buddhism does contain some elements that are characteristic of a religion and it is far easier for westerners to classify it as such.

    Buddhism, historically (meaning accepted western history), was started by Shakyamuni or Siddhartha Gautama, commonly referred to as "The Buddha".  The word Buddha literally means AWAKENED, but awakened to what?  A Buddha is awakened to the true nature of reality and the universe we live in and such being the case is able to function more effectively than one who is not.  Superficially, anyone can declare themselves a Buddhist, albeit a novice, by "taking refuge".  However, an understanding and commitment to the principles that action entails is required to be a good Buddhist.  Buddhism is one of the great religions today and its key characteristic is compassion towards all sentient beings.

    I am available for questions and if you have any just e-mail me. Buddhism is a vast subject and this being the case I am not afraid to say I don't know, but if I can't answer your question I can direct you to others that may be able to.


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